Bear sign

A couple of months and scores or hundreds of images behind is not where I like to be, but it’s hardly a novel state of affairs. Still, I wish it weren’t the dominant paradigm; I know I’m missing a great deal for lack of time.

I found this bear tree some weeks ago, but never managed to find the bear. It was in a little nook just ten yards from the trail and appears to be a favorite spot, judging from the presence of deep older gashes running up the trunk, as well as the pale new scratches. There was other sign about, both scat and vomit from overindulgence on mountain ash berries.

The bear, however, found me, or at any rate graced me with its presence directly in front of me. It seemed in a hurry and paid me scant attention. A half minute earlier I’d heard a horse in suspect voice that made me think of bear, but I was honestly surprised when one rushed past, following one of the fainter game trails intersecting the main trail I was on, heading toward a known refuge. Next time, perhaps, I’ll be faster to prepare when I hear that whinny. Though bears may be the animal I’m least interested in photographically, despite my constant and mostly unfulfilled desire to see them.

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