Journal form

I’m still learning as I go what the nature of this project is and what the most fitting form of this record might be. Although the blog format seems generally appropriate, it is not my purpose to use the medium in the typical social ways, i.e. to generate discussion or build a following. The main purpose of the blog is to serve as a vehicle and repository of my own thinking and development. (I hasten to add that I’m always delighted to receive comments from anyone moved to write one. They further, rather than distract from, the sort of self-examination taking place here.)

Sourdough Creek

So ignoring proverbs about changing vehicles in midstream, I’m altering the presentation to make this look less like a conventional blog, and more like journal pages strung together. Reducing distraction, I’ve cut the header to a short title and moved the sidebar navigation mostly out of sight at the bottom of the page (also reachable by a click from the upper right corner). If this makes it less likely that a visitor remains on site, so be it. A reader unwilling to slow down for a few images, and a few paragraphs, is most likely one who would not have gained much from it anyway. As for you, if you’re still reading at this point: I hope you’ll find something of interest in the continuing journey.

P.S. One fault of the new design is that lines of text may become uncomfortably long in old browsers used with wide screens. If that applies to you, just narrow your window (or increase font size). Please let me know of any other problems you come across.

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